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Our goal is to assist our clients, with a vision and a purpose, to plan their journey ahead and exceed all expectations.

We are available to be Your Personal Travel Planner & Advisors and we have a wealth of knowledge to help you feel secure as you plan for next luxury adventure .  We have the answers for you,  travels during this ever changing rules for travel. 

We offer expert guidance and we look forward to help you youth your next journey . 

With a world-wide travel support network, armed with extra pampering and perks, built for today's discerning travelers, we chat and share notes. We keep an eye out for the latest itinerary wrinkles and gently coax our world wanderers to take the plunge into unknown waters and lands unexplored.

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Ted Karbowski

Since embarking on a career in cruise consulting in the early 2000's, I have had the pleasure of assisting thousands in fulfilling their lifelong dreams in circumnavigating the globe in search of the wonder and enlightenment associated with travel providing a unique opportunity to learn more about the pure pleasure of globe trotting. We hope to become lifetime friends and will always be thankful for the opportunity to serve your travel needs.

Direct  954-290-8626

Roxane Satterfield

I am just as passionate about travel and helping others. Having grown up in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, an amazing waterfront city, I had a natural affinity for all things water related. It was a natural fit for me to focus  on what I love; beautiful luxurious destinations on or near the water where people can spend quality down time enjoying their family and friends. I have a very outgoing and fun personality, but what sets me apart from other Travel Concierge Services is my focus on my customers.

Direct 702 690 0508

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